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Shiny Box 46 Ribbon Microphone
A Ribbon microphone is a type of dynamic microphone that uses a thin metal ribbon placed between the poles of a magnet and generate voltages by electromagnetic induction. Ribbon microphones are generally the most delicate and expensive microphone. They are prized for their ability to capture high-frequency detail, comparing very favourably with condenser microphones, which can often sound subjectively "aggresive" or "brittle" in the high end of the frequency spectrum.

List: $165-325.00



ShinyBox 46MX

As a cousin to the ShinyBox 23, the 46MX employs similar ribbon geometry as it's relative, but that is where the comparisons end. The 46MX is high output for a ribbon microphone, and has a frequency response that has a rise in the high end and low end when compared to other ribbon microphones. In many applications, this presents you with a "ready to mix" sound. The smaller body dimension exhibits less proximity effect. An exceptional value for the price, the ShinyBox 46MX stands up to microphones many times it's price, without breaking a sweat.
Each microphone comes with a soft canvas protective bag, spider shockmount, collar mount, and a hardshell case for storing the microphone upright.
ShinyBox 46MXC
With a Cinemag output transformer installed in the 46MX model, the frequency response of the microphone evens out, while extending the hi and low frequency response. This leaves a very natural and detailed sounding microphone suitable for a wide range of applications.

ShinyBox 46MXL
With a Lundahl output transformer mounted on a custom printed circuit board, the overall frequency response of the 46MXL is extended(even more so than the 46MXL), leaving a microphone that is very open, accurate, and quite breathtaking!



Shiny Box Ribbon Microphone Specifications:

Ribbon Type and Dimensions:
Low tension, 2 inch, 2 micron aluminum ribbon
Figure of 8
Impedance: <= 200 ohms
Recommended Load Impedence: 1000 ohms
Frequency Response: 40 to 18,000 Hz
Max SPL (1% THD @ 1000Hz) 165 dB

**Shiny Box 46 Ribbon Microphone review:**

shiny box 46
TapeOp Issue #53, ShinyBox 46 Series review

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